It was 2011 when Adrienne was coming to the end of her community service year in Somerset West that she decided that after a few years of putting off leading on youth camp she would finally jump in and do it. Around that same time Kelvin was asked to lead and help out at the same camp.

After a bit of rough and tumble Kelvin needed some patching up of his scraped knee... and Adrienne was on first aid duty. They talked and got to know each other a bit before camp ended but did not see each other much over the next two years.

In 2013 they ended up leading on the same camp again. Much had happened over those two years, both had changed jobs and dealt with some difficult losses. They reconnected with other friends and spent time getting to know each other, going on adventures and enjoying the company of their four other friends.

Again some time passed and while they kept in contact and saw each other occasionally they remained friends.

Toward the end of 2015 the conversation became more regular and by 2016 long walks and longer evening discussions became their pattern.

One such late night chat ended in a tentative Kelvin finally asking Adrienne if they could give this relationship thing a try. The following week they attended Adrienne’s sister’s wedding together, a surprise to much of Adrienne’s family! After managing many questions from family as well as being mentioned in the groom’s speech, Kelvin decided he was still up for this new adventure.

Then one sunny day on a weekend trip to Paternoster, on a quiet stretch of beach, Kelvin shared some special words and got down on one knee in the sand... and of course she said yes!

So finally the day has come for them to commit to each other before friends and family, and before the Lord to spend “forever time” with each other.